How to meet women despite Corona? This is how it works!

Whether clubs, bars, city festivals or concerts – the (partial) lockdown means that all the cool places where we men normally flirt to our hearts’ content fall flat. Getting to know women in Corona times seems like an insurmountable hurdle to many.

Maybe you feel terribly lonely at home because you are single and lack contact with the opposite sex? Because you can hardly meet anyone else?

I can well understand …

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Even if it sounds crazy: The chances of finding a suitable girlfriend are especially good during the Corona crisis.

Because just like you, most female singles are not experiencing much at the moment. They also feel alone because of the contact restrictions and long to finally meet a great man again to flirt!

Okay, but how can you make new, heartwarming contacts now in this frosty Corona time?

In this article, I’ll tell you how you can currently best meet women and maybe even find true love while dating.

Getting to know women while online dating: 5 tips
If you want to put out feelers for some hot ladies despite “social distancing”, flirt apps like Tinder are always a good choice.

When it comes to online dating, now is a particularly good time to get to know women while Corona!

There are two reasons for this:

First, the pandemic eliminates classic flirting opportunities in “real life” such as discos, concerts and fitness classes where you can meet potential partners.

Standing at the bar with a glass of wine and throwing a few seductive glances at a strange man as an invitation to approach him? That’s just not possible at the moment…

Many female singles therefore turn to dating platforms to spice up their love lives from a safe distance. The user numbers on Tinder and other apps are literally bursting at the seams at the moment.

There you’ll also meet attractive users who you’d otherwise never get to see in online dating, because in normal times they wouldn’t even touch Tinder & Co. with a pair of pliers. Grab those “rare Pokémons” 🙂

Second, people have extra time on their hands because of Corona. Even women are currently sitting at home a lot, don’t know what to do with themselves and are therefore glued to their smartphones half the day.

This gives you the chance to write more back and forth with a lady, to get always fixed answers and so promptly make the longed-for date clear.

But if you want to meet women via online dating during Corona, you must follow a few tips that also apply in “normal” times:

  1. find the right dating platform
    Where can you meet the right women for the big love or great sex affairs?

The first “port of call” for singles is, of course, always Tinder in my experience, because the most important functions can be used there free of charge for users and there are particularly many (attractive) members.

You’ve already done all that and are fed up with this dating app, also because you hardly get any matches? Or the flirting there is much too superficial for you?

Then you can also look around for suitable Tinder alternatives.

Besides Lovoo, I have had very good experiences with the Bumble app, for example, simply because you can find more women on Bumble who are seriously looking for a partner.

Also good are reputable online dating agencies like Parship or Elitepartner, because here, too, many female users are seriously looking for a partner instead of just fishing for compliments for their Instagram pictures.

Speaking of which: Of course, you can also venture into new territory and write to women on Instagram if you want to convert the platform for online dating.

  1. create a very attractive profile
    Man at the lake takes selfie photos for online datingWhatever dating platform or app you’re on: Without a handsome Prince Charming profile, you can pack it in right away.

If you want to meet attractive women despite Corona, you should first create a few good profile pictures.

Show yourself from your best side as a user! That is:

Please refrain from clumsy topless selfies, photos with sunglasses or bragging snapshots of your fat car. All these macho pictures only cause nasal murmurs and dislikes among the ladies.

Instead, singles are looking for likeable pictures of trips, concerts, excursions and other leisure activities that express YOUR personality. Something like that also shows online dating that you are not a boring couch potato.

Especially in Corona times, the sight of such a picture awakens positive longings in the woman, if she has not done such things for a long time.

But always make sure that your face is well visible, at least on the main photo. Oh yes: don’t forget to smile!

Even if you don’t get any matches on Tinder, you should of course quickly upload a few good profile pictures and polish up your profile text.

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