First meeting with your ex after separation? This is how you get her back!

Maybe after the contact ban a message came out of the blue from her that she would like to see you again. Or you still have a deep longing for her and want to get closer to her again on a date…

But meeting your ex-girlfriend after the breakup?

Is that even a good idea? After all, old wounds could tear open again, there could be arguments and mutual injuries.

And if so – how should you as a man best behave on the date so that the ex forgives you, falls in love again and wants you back as a partner?

I will help you by answering such questions.

In this article, based on my many years of relationship experience, I will tell you the 7 mistakes you should avoid at all costs on the first date after the breakup….

I’ll also give you the 9 most helpful tips on what behaviors you can use to gradually win back your ex-girlfriend when you meet!

Meeting your ex after your breakup – a good idea?
Sure, you want to be close to her again.

Look her in the eyes, hug her, maybe even kiss her and talk to her for hours about God and the world.

Everything could be like it was before, when you were happy in your relationship…

At the same time, you’re plagued by anxious thoughts about whether a date with your ex is really such a good idea, or whether you should quickly put it out of your mind.

The emotional risks of dating
I understand your many thoughts. After all, there are a few risks for your emotional world on a date like this:

Old argument topics could literally end up “on the table” again when you’re sitting at the bar having coffee.
The meeting with the ex-girlfriend could degenerate into discussions about the breakup – which then leads to mutual reproaches, mean words and renewed emotional insults.
You could make each other jealous if you report about your contact with other women or she reports about her stories with other men.
You might get your hopes up too early if she agrees to your date proposal.
Heartbreak: One of you might fall in love with your ex-partner if the other one doesn’t want a relationship after a short approach.
You have to nibble again more at the separation pain, if you have not yet processed this properly.
But hey – we should not only paint black.

After all, such a meeting with the ex after the contact ban is the only chance to reawaken their feelings and win them back again.

And if you follow the right tips and avoid a few mistakes, you will lower the risk of such scenarios.

You can only win her back on a date!
So you should definitely arrange a first meeting when the opportunity presents itself.

In order for the whole thing not to be a mistake and not end in disaster, a few conditions must be met:

You are completely over your breakup and no longer feel any great heartache. This means that nothing can shock you, hurt you or make you jealous when you meet again. Not even if she tells you about her dates with other men….
You have worked on your personality during the period of non-contact and you are able to appear as an attractive man again (in the eyes of your ex-girlfriend) at the first meeting.
You still love her and can still imagine a relationship with her.
Is this the case with you? Are you ready? The inner “calmness itself” like Buddha?

Then you can use a date very well as a chance to make your ex-girlfriend fall in love again and get her back!

Your ex wants to meet – how to behave?
Man with smartphone in hand thinks about what he should write to his exMaybe it surprised you that your ex-girlfriend has suddenly resumed contact with you and now wants to meet with you.

It is all the more important that you do not let yourself be pushed into anything in this situation. Instead, you should first listen to yourself and consider whether you are emotionally ready for this step.

So how should you act now? What are some good tips?

Before you go head over heels or reject her, think about your decision thoroughly!

Have you already processed your breakup? Are you “free of lovesickness”? Have you developed as a man in the last weeks and months? Do you still want her back at all?

Only if the requirements listed in the last section for a first meeting with the ex after the contact ban are met, you should really agree.

Furthermore, it always depends on HOW your ex-girlfriend gets in touch again!

Of course it can be a sign that she still has feelings for you. But if you notice that her intentions are not that serious or she is even playing with you, I can only advise against a reunion.

How to ask the ex-girlfriend for a meeting?
You reach for your cell phone and want to contact her for a reunion.

But wait!

How can you set up a date now, preferably WITHOUT her canceling? Are there any good tips?

Important: You must never give your ex-girlfriend the feeling that you are meeting with the clear goal of winning her back.

If she gets the impression that you have high expectations, start clinging again and absolutely want a relationship, this could scare her off.

Especially if she is not as far along as you are and is not yet ready for a new edition of your partnership.

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