Addressing women in Corona times: 10 tips for flirting!

If you’re a single man who feels alone and wants to meet great women, it’s really not easy to find love at the moment.

Because of the Corona virus, clubs and bars are closed, events are canceled.

So if you don’t want to resort to online dating for flirting, you have to take some courage and approach the mask-wearing beauties in everyday life….

But wait a minute!

Appealing to women during Corona? Honestly now?

Should you do something so “crazy”?

Or, besides the “muzzle” that we all have to wear at the moment, isn’t it also a “basket” in the sense of a rebuff?

In this article I want to explain to you how responsible flirting in the Corona crisis is possible for us men.

At the end you’ll also find a few date ideas….

If you implement my tips correctly, you don’t have to stay alone despite the lockdown and you might even find the partner for life while dating!

How to approach women in Corona times: Is that possible?
Even in “normal” times, most single men are incredibly afraid of approaching women. They hardly dare to approach attractive girls in everyday situations for fear of being rejected.

It’s clear that the typical fears of approaching women are all the greater in the current Corona crisis.

We guys are thinking a thousand thoughts right now in the crisis when it comes to getting to know each other:

Don’t “guys” just want to be left alone at the moment and be on their own, especially during the lockdown?
Doesn’t the woman feel rightly harassed by me if I just go over to her and talk to her?
Isn’t she terrified of catching Corona from me and avoids any attempt at contact? Won’t she literally “avoid me like the plague”?
Doesn’t it seem totally weird, spooky or silly to chat up strangers wearing masks?
Based on my flirting experience, I can tell you that these fears are completely unfounded when it comes to dating.

On the contrary, the chances of successfully approaching women are particularly good at the moment.

You don’t believe me? I thought so!

Let me explain it to you:

Reason 1: Many lonely women long for contact
Man flirts with woman while shopping during CoronaI’m sure you’ve heard it many times: Corona measures like contact restrictions and lockdown make many people feel lonely – some are even completely isolated socially.

The problem of loneliness, of course, also affects the attractive girls who squat at home and have no partner for conversation, intimate closeness and sex.

Keep in mind: the usual contact opportunities for meeting like parties, disco, city festivals, concerts, fitness classes and similar things also fall away for female singles!

Regularly approaching women in everyday situations is therefore the order of the day in Corona times when looking for a partner…as crazy as it sounds.

In my experience, single women are very happy when you jump over your shadow and simply approach them while shopping. Simply because they hardly meet men at the moment, most lonely ladies are incredibly grateful for your sociability.

The prerequisite is, of course, that you keep to the distance rules and wear a mouth guard (see below!).

Reason 2: Almost every woman hates online dating.
Of course, in Corona times, the obvious option is to quickly register on Tinder and swipe away to find a partner for a serious relationship online.

No problem at all…

Most women, however, are fed up with flirting and dating on dating platforms.

There are just too many dubious (sometimes even married!) guys who are only looking for a quick sex story.

Instead of clumsy sex offers on Tinder & Co. most girls dream of running into their great love, the prince charming quite “by chance” while shopping at the sausage counter.

The cliché of an unexpected meeting, just like the cheesy Hollywood movies show us, is now haunting our minds.

If you want to approach single women during Corona and get to know them, you have the best chances in everyday life. Make this dream come true for the princesses!

Reason 3: Hardly any man has the courage for a flirtation
In addition:

Just about all single men do online dating and fight over the prey on Tinder like hungry lions.

But flirting in “real life”? Almost no guy dares to do that, especially now, in these days of general health-induced hooding.

So you have hardly any competition when getting to know each other in everyday situations and stand out pleasantly from the gray mass for the woman.

And: So much masculine self-confidence looks immensely attractive when addressing women, especially in Corona times.

Just be different from the other uptight guys who just tear the toilet paper off the shelves in the supermarket and then scurry home again without a word!

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