18 Good Date Ideas for Corona and Lockdown Time

Planning a romantic date in Corona times? That’s not exactly easy:

Rules like wearing a mask and keeping your distance prevent you from getting to know each other and getting closer, as you normally would on a date.

And if there’s a lockdown in your area, popular dating classics like movies, bars, and restaurants are out of the question.

That leaves many single men wondering: is it even possible to meet now?

And if so, what are tips for good date ideas during Corona, even WITHOUT unnecessarily risking the health of the woman (as well as fellow men in general)?

In this article I want to answer these questions for you.

With this you don’t have to give up on a romantic date despite the current crisis and you can find the right partner for a serious, long-term relationship. Maybe it will even become the great love…

Date ideas despite Corona: Stick to the rules!
Of course, you can continue to date your beloved if you met her through online dating or by talking to her in everyday life despite Corona. Your love life does not have to fall by the wayside.


When suggesting good date ideas, please ask the woman beforehand what safety measures (protective mask, distance, etc.) she wants for the time together.

This applies to the entire time of your meeting, from the greeting to the farewell.

Respect it if the other person may be a bit more cautious than you on the subject of “contagion” in dating and is seriously concerned about health.

Even if the lady does not belong to the risk group, the caution certainly has its reasons (for example, if she has a lot of contact with people at risk through work and family).

If you then suddenly appear at the meeting without a mask, although mouth protection was agreed upon beforehand, you as a man seem very unreliable and disrespectful.

Believe me, with such a severe breach of trust, the dating between you is immediately over! The woman will interpret this behavior as a very negative character trait…

So, always stick to the hygiene rules you two have agreed on, even if they may seem “too strict” to you personally!

Why dating during Corona is perfectly okay
Granted: Walking with a mask, no kissing and keeping 1.5 meters distance, that doesn’t sound like a date idea with pure love and romance.

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that you are not “allowed” to crawl into your shell at the moment. Instead of this isolation you should continue to meet a chosen woman, if you like her particularly well, and thus take care of your love life!

For dating right now is even the perfect chance!

This has above all 2 valid reasons:

There are good date ideas with mask / distance!
Just because a virus is rampant, you don’t have to bury your head in the sand and avoid contact with women like the plague. Continue to search for the right partner for a permanent relationship!

Even if you don’t have any good suggestions for things to do at the moment:

In truth, there are plenty of great and romantic date ideas during Corona that will keep you both relatively safe from contagion.

And if all else fails in the dating planning, a virtual meeting via video call still works (see below!):

Many people feel alone now!
Besides, we live in times where people are already way too isolated from each other “thanks” to Lockdown anyway.

Many girls feel lonely right now due to isolation and stay at home a lot. All the more they are happy about human closeness in their free time – even during exciting activities on a date!

Especially if the woman has been single for a long time and now has little contact with men in everyday life, she will enjoy having stimulating conversations and flirting when meeting you!

Tips for the 18 best date ideas at Corona
What can you do now? What are some good suggestions and tips for sparkling ventures to currently escape your isolation at home?

Especially with the following 18 best date ideas, you will tear your new acquaintance out of the boredom of their gray everyday life during the quarantine.

And who knows:

Maybe an unforgettable experience will make her fall in love with you in the end!

Date ideas for Corona – outdoor activities
You have now had contact with the woman for a while via WhatsApp, Tinder or other dating platforms. Because you are basically sympathetic to each other, you want to get to know each other better.

But where to go on a first date during Corona?

Doing something outside is always a good option, not only when the cafes and bars are closed due to a lockdown.

Instead of sitting cramped across from each other, you both get some exercise.

Also, outdoors, in the fresh air, the virus is less likely to be transmitted, which protects you even better from infection.

Good date ideas for outdoors are:

  1. a walk in nature
    Mask-wearing couple greeting each other in the parkEven outside Corona times, a recommended suggestion for your first date is to simply take a little trip into the countryside.

Many beautiful places are suitable for this purpose:

and much more
Such a joint hike in nature keeps fit, can be wonderfully idyllic and trigger the feeling of romance.

Make sure, however, with such date ideas that it is not a forced march of kilometers as in the army.

It should not be a real sport. The woman should not run blisters or gasp behind her mask.

Also, you should walk in a busy area with lots of people so that your companion feels safe during the date. Especially in the beginning, she may not trust you enough to walk with you all alone through the remote nature.