13 date ideas to make physical contact

You’re planning a romantic first or second date with the woman of your dreams – but at the same time you’re tormented by a big worry:

If you (once again) don’t manage to get physically close to her on the date until the kiss, she could lose interest in you. Then there’s the threat of a painful rejection or you’ll soon end up in the friend zone when dating.

All this is also because you don’t dare to touch her for fear of rejection…right?

That’s why you are now looking for the perfect date ideas with physical contact, so that you can approach the woman easily.

Aye aye sir, coming right up:

Physical contact on a date: 13 activities with touch.
With my years of flirting experience, I want to give you the 13 best dating suggestions for ventures where you can approach her in a charming (“unobtrusive”) way with touch.

They are really good date ideas with physical contact, without the girl jumping away as if stung by a tarantula or giving you a slap in the face… 🙂

Quite the opposite:

If you do everything right, she will visibly enjoy your physical touches while getting to know you, so you might even end up kissing her passionately!

  1. skating / roller skating
    Man hugs woman while skatingGet together with your beloved to go ice skating – either in the ice rink or on a date in winter on a lake, if this is officially released for this and is correspondingly safe.

The (literally) “cool” thing about it:

To undertake such a thing is not only incredibly fun, but is also a very clever idea for us men to make physical contact on a date.

Because if the woman runs a little wobbly in her skates and threatens to fall, you can hold her as a gentleman or catch.

A great excuse for touching, no question!

One more tip about this: You don’t have the possibility to go skating at your meeting, especially in summer?

Then you can also go roller skating or inline skating…if the woman is just as wobbly on her feet in this, these date ideas serve the same purpose!

  1. skateboarding
    If the woman is already “too skilled” on skates or rollerblades, you might have better luck skateboarding together. This is also very exciting as an activity.

Help her onto the skateboard and show her how to ride!

If a fall threatens, you can also hold her and easily get the physical contact on the date with her.

Oh yes: Don’t forget to put on protective gear so that there are no nasty wounds if one of you should fall down!

  1. “Caterpillar” at the funfair
    Among the best date ideas is always the fair, also called funfair, carnival or folk festival.

At this place there is often a great ride called a caterpillar, hill and dale ride, music express, jaguar ride or similar (just google it…).

Here you sit as a couple in cozy two-seats next to each other.

The trick of the whole fun: The train moves fast in a circle, so that man and woman are pushed outwards together by centrifugal force.

So you automatically squat close to each other as soon as the train has picked up enough speed…

Well, who pays attention in physics in school, obviously comes faster to the kiss at the date 🙂

  1. watching a horror movie in the cinema
    Man puts woman in the cinema the arm around the shoulderYou are looking for date ideas in bad weather? Then watch a horror movie together in the cinema, that’s always exciting!

Huh, why a scary movie? Isn’t that terribly unromantic? The woman should feel love, and not be afraid of zombies and ghosts?

No, it’s not like you might think…

In fact, an exciting horror movie is the perfect date idea for physical contact.

Because if the girl is scared or frightened in certain scenes, she will touch you quite instinctively. Or even cuddle up to you in fear.

Because the female sex naturally looks for a protector in “dangerous situations”, this is evolutionary in women.

However, as I explained in this article, you’d better not go to the movies on the first date, but only on the second date!

  1. make movie night at home
    If you already have your second or third date, you can also make a good relaxed movie night on the sofa at home, for tingling “Netflix and Chill” with a glass of wine.

Of course, you can also cook something delicious at home and eat well afterwards (instead of the typical restaurant visit).

The beauty: women already know where the hare will run with such an invitation from the man. Therefore, their acceptance already signals a certain openness for tender approaches… 🙂

During the movie night you best cuddle up together on the couch under a cozy wool blanket, so that after some time you come closer quite automatically with touches until sex.

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